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FMTV envisions human life as a pilgrimage to the shrines of sublime truth. It brings to your doorstep a true visual of the world that you live in so you realise how to tune your thoughts for tomorrow.

To places that you never been

FMTV just shows you what you really need to know today so you can reconstitute your life ingredients with more care and precision.

Breathtaking Views

FMTV ignites your minds, delights your hearts, enlightens your thoughts, and enlivens your living rooms through carefully crafted programmes.

about us

Being a people’s media initiative

Follow Me wishes to reach out to all the people through broadcasting their own programmes to the world. It endeavors to entertain everyone through their own creations of art, craft, knowledge, and concepts. It is for the People, by the People as its unique quintessence.

Popular info

FMTV is people's organisation aim to develop the society

Its outlook is absolutely secular with no bias to any specific man made establishment such as religion, caste, class, or culture. It’s a multicultural broadcaster with only one core mission- to spread the idea of sublime Love; to bind all human beings together for making this world a better and safer place to live in.

FMTV Clubs

  • FMTV club

    is very active and international

    Please join our great club and Show Your Talent

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    Talent Marketplace

    The talent marketplace in India is currently very fragmented, FMTV's platforms are available for talent discovery.

  • New Club

    Membership is open to anyone

    FMTV club dedicated to strengthening ties between people and the media and entertainment industries by exchange ideas and develop extensive social networks.


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Drama Serials, Recipes, Reality and Game Shows.

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